Linda Nielsen

Linda L. Nielsen, Ph.D.

I have no idea why I was guided to healing voice work. I only know it flows from my heart and is something I must pursue. I enjoy singing with the sounds of life, especially at the beach where the drone of rolling waves supports the microtonal voice. Directing my singing and chanting voice to carry peace and healing to touch all shores, to life in the deep, and to flow on the wind delights my spirit.

Although I have been facilitating groups in guided meditation and energy healing since 1979, I did not sing. Singing and chanting came twelve years later. It took an act of courage to sing and chant until I acknowledged that healing voice work is not about vocal talent. It is about singing from your essence, sending forth loving intention to heal and bless, to restore wholeness wherever it is needed. In the process of cultivating the healing qualities of my voice, my voice grew stronger and I came to honor my voice as an expression of Spirit. The life force flows on the breath, and the voice is audible breath which carries blessings as we direct it to do so.

I teach an array of vocal healing practices, each with a function in the healing process. Ultimately they are woven together, integrated as needed. I use microtonal singing to introduce healing voice work because it is a naturally integrated vocal practice. This beautiful music is derived from the raga form music of North India. What adds to the beauty of this practice are the colorful ribbons of light that I sense flowing on my audible breath as I sing.

This microtonal path has become a way of life. Any challenges presented along the way have been gifts. They have added color and flavor to my life while providing rich, emotional textures of spiritual growth and awareness. I have come to know that a person must sing from the heart, from his or her essence, to fully grasp the transformational power of the voice to create well being and maintain balance.

So you are invited to participate in the Essentials of Microtonal Singing eSeminar. Allow it to be a time for yourself to cultivate and honor your voice while singing with loving intention. Know that you never sing alone, that somewhere in the great expanse of the multiverses, our voices come together with the living power of grace, love, and healing.

Dr. Nielsen is a Transpersonal Psychologist, and a Social and Cultural Anthropologist. Along the way she earned a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy, which deepened her awareness of vibrational healing with color and form. She enjoys painting while singing, allowing her hand to be guided by the sounds and rhythms arising in the moment. Each aspect of her education played a part in refining her focus on vibrational healing. Her work is intended to open the way for others to honor the natural beauty of their healing voice and presence.