Essentials of Microtonal Singing eSeminar

Microtonal singing reveals a path of unconditional love, living with awareness, embracing change in the flux of daily life, and finding humor in life’s follies. We are born with these gifts. It’s time to nurture them back into our lives, to live with joy and to share the light of love with song and presence.

Freeing your voice with microtonal singing leads to honoring your voice—all of its tones, subtleties, and nuances. This is the first step toward embracing your whole Being. As you cultivate your microtonal voice, you come to know your emotional essence, to love yourself and realize the Oneness of life. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

About Essentials of Microtonal Singing eSeminar:

~ eSeminar length: 1 hour
~ download and read eSeminar Guidelines for using the program
~ download the Raga Chart for your personal reference during the eSeminar
~ replay any section while you develop ease with microtonal vocalizations
~ available to all free of charge 24/7