You have the power to heal, liberate & transform yourself with your own Voice. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

What is Voicework?

It's an holistic healing modality where we are using our voice as a tool for growth, wellbeing, connection, self-discovery, healing and personal development.

Most of us are not aware of how we are using our voice in our daily life and through practice and an increased awareness we can conciously choose how we use it and from what place.

The Voice is our identity in sound. It tells the world who we are and when we are anchoring it in body & heart, we are opening up for the possibility to express and live out our fullest potential as humans.

It’s a deeply empowering practice that has the potential to on a cellular level transform us into the versions of ourselves we want to be in this world. It is from this place we find our true integrity and nurture a deep authentic relationship with ourselves and others.

We can also use our Voice for balancing our body, energyfield and emotional landscape so that we may come back to a natural state of alignment, flow and  inspiration.

Voicework is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have sang your whole life or if you’ve never used your voice in a creative way before. This is about getting in contact with that true essence of you and expressing out those pure sounds from your body and heart.

Hi! My name is Johannes Leo.

A Voice Embodiment coach, Multi-instrumentalist, Sound healer,

Voice Alchemist, Composer and a lover of sound & vibrations.

I'm here to guide you home to yourself through the healing powers of voice & sound.

I offer classes, workshops, courses and one-on-one sessions in Holistic Voice Therapy.

What also is dear to my heart is to hold Singing circles, Sound journeys and individual Sound treatments.

I work IRL and online.

Group sessions

”I have participated in many Voice Explorations with Johannes Leo and the feeling during and after the sessions have been a warm, joyful calmness. Other fruits of the practice is a deeper connection with myself and the group, and also a more vibrant, alive presence in the body. Can warmly recommend these healing journeys”.



Johannes Leo mixes ancient wisdom with modern science and shares powerful and applicable tools that opened a whole new world of possibilities for me. His passion and kindness are contagious and he holds space in the safest, most caring, and generous way”


Holistic Voice Therapy is for you who wants to:

  • establish a deeper relationship with your body and voice.
  • increase your confidence and unlock your personal power.
  • access a freer and more creative relationship with your Voice.
  • reduce stress and find more balance in your life.
  • release tensions and emotional, energetic blockages you may have.
  • re-embody a natural, relaxed and effortless way of speaking and sounding.
  • go deeper into personal development and explore something new.

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