About Johannes Leo

I am Johannes Leo.

A Voice Embodiment coach, Multi-instrumentalist, Sound healer, composer

and a lover of sound & vibrations.

The essence of my work and what is driving me in my days is the connection to the Heart. I am passionate to create safe spaces where you can nourish, explore and express yourself fully - so that you may reunite with your hearts inner truth and unlock your greater potential as a human being.

I am doing it through Voice Explorations, Singing Circles, Sound healing journeys and Sound treatments. My calling is to create more awareness of the healing powers of Voice & Sound and I absolutely love to invite others home to themselves through Vibrational work.

My Journey

What is the driving force in my life is the search for the true essence of myself and my unique creative expression.

It has taken me on a journey through acting, as a song-writer and a composer, to in the later years been going more invwards. I've spent a lot of time exploring meditation, cultivating self-love, embodying a state of more presence in my days and been following the voice of my heart in a deeper way.

I've got to meet parts of myself that has been laying in the way of living my inner truth, dare to take space and fullheartedly being able to share my gifts to the world. Voicework has been an important key for me in the process of going beyond those limitations and my growth as a human being. Now I want to share my insights to everyone who resonates with my work so that they can find this key within themselves!

My love for sounds started by the piano as an 11-year old. I realized already then how the tones of the piano was affecting my whole inner world and that I could get in contact with my emotions and express them by playing. I already then liked to play for family and friends, and saw how the music got them to relax and land in themselves. Today many new instruments have found their way into my life, but the core I hade as an 11-year old is exactly the same - The love and fascination for the healing powers of Sound.


  • Sound healer training at Harmonic Sounds in Spain - 2 week intensive oct 2021
  • Holistic Voice Therapy - for Groups & Individually at The British Academy of Sound Therapy - 2 year education 2020-2021
  • Komposition at Musikhögskolan Ingesund - 1 year 2018-2019
  • Komposition at Österlens folkhögskola - 1 year 2017-2018
  • Skådespelarlinjen at Katrinebergs folkhögskola - 2 years 2011-2013

”Johannes Leo is holding a warm, allowing and safe space and is working in very a intuitive way.  His passion and joy in what he is doing is really shining through and it makes it easy to jump onboard and fully commit to the practice!"


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