Group Sessions

I offer transformative, nourishing and expanding journeys back home to yourself through the healing powers of your own Voice.

I’m guiding you in embodying your voice in a way so that you may feel more whole and connected to yourself and the world around you.

It’s an extraordinary and deeply healing experience to Voice together with others. It is a vulnerable thing to do for many, and that is why I put a lot of emphasis on creating a safe space for you to explore yourself and your voice in.

It's magical to feel and witness when people allow themselves to let their bodies and hearts speak.

In the beginning it is normal to be a bit nervous, but when we start to sound you start to relax into the experience and their bodies and hearts start to speak. It’s magical to witness. After the session the participants are radiating and shining in tune with life.

I offer weekly classes, workshops and courses IRL and online.

”With a sincere and loving presence Leo is guiding you to your true voice and your hearts vibration. A lovely, relaxed journey to a powerful and liberating destination. I feel vitalized, expanded, relaxed and full of radiating love after a couple of hours with Johannes Leo”


How a session can look:

Every class is unique depending and we will explore vocal exercises that helps us to ground, balance, align, heal, grow & flow into a state of inner wellbeing and peaceful, creative and open-hearted mind.

I have from my educations and own explorations collected a wide range of vocal exercises with different intentions and qualities. Themes can be:

  • Embodied Breath
  • Grounding & Balancing
  • Body & Heart
  • Meditation & Listening
  • Empowerment & Confidence
  • Authenticity
  • Energy management
  • Personal development
  • Flow, Creativity & playfulness

When I meet a group I sometimes have an idea about what exercises we will do beforehand, but I am always tuning into the group and is following my intuition of what best serves the particpants in the moment.

Presence is one of the main ingredients in my classes and is continously inviting you back into your body and the present moment.

Voicework is for everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you have sang your whole life or if you’ve never used your voice in a creative way before. My workshops is about getting in contact with that true essence of you and get a chance to express those pure sounds from your body and heart.

How it sounds is not important. It’s about the feeling of coming home to yourself and reuniting with all that you are that matters.

It's a truly liberating experience.

Upcoming Group workshops

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Positive effects of Voice Therapy:

  • Balanced nervous system
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Better communication
  • Increased energy levels
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Mental clarity
  • Trauma release
  • Improved vagal tone
  • Nurturing the bodys natural ability to self-heal

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I am looking forward to create a package for you that suits your needs. Sound healing can also be included.