In an individual voice session we can go even deeper than a group session because we work with Your Voice, Your Body and your specific wishes and needs.

There is so much potential in your voice and I would be so happy to support your healing, expansion and growth. You will learn easy, powerful and transformational tools that enriches your life on so many levels that you can continue to use by yourself also after our time together.

When doing voice embodiment work on a regular basis we start to notice how life around us starts to change. You feel more connected to yourself and more grounded, aligned and in tune with you inner world and your truth. The worlds starts to respond to that new vibration you are sending out. It’s a remarkable experience and I can recommend it for everyone.

Themes we can work with:

  • Establish a deeper more authentic connection with yourself and your voice.
  • Practice how to ground your voice in your body and heart - so that you may live life from this place.
  • Work with tensions and emotional, energetic blockages you may have.
  • Increase confidence and unlock your personal power
  • Access a freer and more creative relationship with your voice.
  • Work with your vocal tone and re-embody a natural, relaxed and effortless way of speaking and sounding.

Whatever your intention with your session is, I’m so excited in guiding you home to yourself and your true voice.

How a session may look:

We begin by checking in together and you can share your intention with the session. Then we explore different vocal / breathing exercises that supports that intention. I will continuously invite you back into your body and the present moment. That is where we find all answers and where I believe all healing lays.

In the end I usually give you an easy short exercise that you can continue to explore at home to deepen your process.

It’s possible to combine these sessions with sound treatments. Read more about them: here.

”Johannes Leo is very passionate about his work. I felt fully safe with him and could really let go and feel the different parts of myself through my voice and vibrations. He offers his healing work with both a sense of playfulness and lightness. I can warmly recommend”


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60 min session:

  • x1  - 750 kr
  • x3  - 700 kr / session (2100 kr)
  • x5 or more - 650 kr / session (3250 kr for 5)

90 min session:

  • x1 - 950 kr
  • x3 - 850 kr / session (2550 kr)
  • x5 or more - 750 kr / session (3750 kr for 5)

45 min tryout session

  • x1 - 550 kr

To get a more long lasting effect and a more solid base in voicework it's recommended with at least 3 sessions. Then I give you easy, transformative exercises to explore at home in between the sessions. That consistancy is what greatly will deepen your experience. 



My Treatment room is located at Telefonplan in Stockholm. 

In some cases it's also possible for me to come to you if you live in relatively close. Then I add additional 300 kr on top.


It's possible to work with me from all corners of the world! We'll meet on Zoom.


I am flexible and happy to schedule our meetings when it suits you best!

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